The Mac and Cheese Experiment - 3 - Pre-made Sauces


The great Mac and Cheese Experiment continues. It started with the classic mac and cheese, and continued last week with the deluxe boxes. This week's installment is about some pre-made sauces I decided to try. Next week will be the final week, where I make my own cheese sauce.

The Ragu sauce was... and I'm being kind here... bad. It was even thinner than the Kraft Deluxe cheese sauce, and didn't have as much flavor. I got everything I expected from it, and I really only bought it to see how bad it was.

I erroneously put Velveeta in this post, thinking that all I had to do was melt it and it would be cheese sauce. I was completely wrong: Velveeta is cheese, and so you need to make a béchamel.

Unfortunately, I added way too much flour, had to use twice as much milk to compensate, and ended up with a sauce that was probably not as flavorful as it could have been (and still ended up a lot thicker than desired).

That said, I was surprised, and intend to try the Velveeta again to make sure my errors didn't cause bad results.

It sure looks pretty though.