Poulet au Vin Blanc


Fancy-speak for "chicken with white wine", this recipe is amazing, easy, and delicious. If you've got chicken, white wine, an onion, some garlic, and some mushrooms, you can toss this together in a little more than an hour.

The site I got this from calls it Coq au Chardonnay, but since it's not coq but hen (rooster isn't widely-available in supermarkets), and it wasn't Chardonnay but cheap white wine, I can't very well keep calling it that.

Since the chicken takes 40 minutes to cook, I had time to make a mushroom barley risotto. I had some dried porcini mushrooms laying around, so I rehydrated those and saved the flavorful liquid that resulted. I combined the mushroom liquid with some beef stock and some thyme, made a risotto, and then added some good parmesan cheese I had laying around. The result was better than I had expected.

As with so many good recipes, the biggest problem is that it's gone too soon...

Chicken with creamy white wine sauce and mushrooms with barley
mushroom risotto