Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas


Here's what happened to the rest of last week's 10-lb pork roast: slow cooker pork carnitas.

Just like before, this was incredibly easy. After 3 hours, the pork was cooked but still holding together. After 4 hours, it was tender enough to shred. I substituted lemon juice for orange juice, because I had an extra lemon on hand. I tried it without reducing the braising liquid, and it was effectively tasteless. Reduce the liquid to add the lovely flavor back.

Braised pork shoulder with onions and jalapenos in slow

This worked well as soft tacos for almost a week. A bit of lettuce, cheese, and sour cream turned it into something reminiscent of Taco Bell, if they'd ever serve pork (and I mean that in the best possible way).

All together, my experiment with a pork shoulder turned out great, and I'm glad to have another thing to look out for when I'm perusing the local grocery store.

Pork Carnitas on a soft taco shell with lettuce, cheese, and sour