Potato Dauphinois


I had a bad day, so I decided to splurge on something special: A nice, expensive wedge of cheese. Gruyere, in fact, a cheese I've never tried before. I needed it for this recipe for Potato Dauphinois, a classic from Julia Child.

I've made a couple potato gratins previously, but this was by far the best. The gruyere was the perfect choice, though cheddar could do in a pinch. This time I used heavy cream instead of half-and-half from other recipes, which I think was the biggest improvement. I added some onions to the recipe, because why not? Potatoes always go great with a little bit of onion.

Make sure you use enough cream. When you press down on the center of the potatoes, the cream should come up to cover the potatoes. Also make sure you check the doneness: A fork should slide easily through the potatoes.

I served this alongside some basic roasted chicken. Nothing fancy there, just salt and pepper, and the resulting meal was excellent. I had to stop myself from gorging myself to save room for the pistachio gelato I bought for dessert (bad day, remember).

Potato dauphinois with roasted chicken and peas