Chicken Lunch Wraps


I've been looking for a quick, easy, and healthy lunch. Unfortunately, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches fill only two of those requirements (especially when eaten daily). I've also been looking to up my greens intake.

In the building I used to work in, they had an excellent deli that served fresh sandwiches and wraps. For the longest time, I ate the club sandwich. But, one day I decided to try their grilled chicken wrap, and I was hooked.

So here's a chicken lunch wrap recipe. It requires a little prep, but the chicken can be made in large batches and kept for a week. I went with cabbage, which has a different flavor. I tried two variations: Ranch dressing (unhealthy) with cheddar, and fat-free Italian dressing (healthy) with pepperjack, both to good effect.

Here's to a week's worth of healthy lunches!

chicken lunch wraps on a plate


  • 2 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Cabbage, shredded
  • Cheese
  • Dressing
  • Tortillas
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Remove excess fat from chicken and, if too large, split in half. Coat liberally in salt and pepper. Heat pan over medium-high heat. Fry chicken until golden brown on both sides and cooked through. Let cool.

Meanwhile, shred cabbage and grate cheese. When chicken is cool enough, cut into cubes.

Warm tortillas in microwave. Build wraps by combining chicken, cabbage, cheese, and dressing. Close wraps starting from the bottom, then the sides, then rolling the bottom over the top.


Ingredients for chicken lunch wraps

The whole point of this for me is to get more vegetables in my diet. Cabbage is good. Lettuce (of any variety) is also good.

Chicken breast on a cutting board

First, remove any excess fat from the chicken. On the breasts, there will be some fat on the edges, and likely some on the bottom as well.

Chicken on a cutting board with fat removed

Once that's done, we can split this in half. It's entirely too thick to cook well in the pan.

Chicken split in half on a cutting board

Split the breast in half by cutting across with a chef's knife. This will make it easier to cook through, and make it easier to cube later.

Chicken split in half with salt and pepper

Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper and set aside.

Whole head of cabbage on a cutting board

To prepare our cabbage, first rinse off the outer leaves, removing any damaged ones.

Bottom of whole head of cabbage on a cutting board

Now, we need to cut down through the stem of the cabbage, halving it.

Head of cabbage cut in half on a cutting board

Then we can cut both halves in half again, forming quarters.

Head of cabbage cut in quarters on a cutting board

Once we've got quarters, we can remove the stem.

Quarter of cabbage with stem removed on a cutting board

With the stem removed, we can shred it.

Cabbage shredded lengthwise on a cutting board

Cut across the cabbage first, forming strips.

Cabbage chopped on a cutting board

Then cut across the strips.

Cabbage in a zipper bag

The cabbage can go in a zipper bag and should keep for a few days.

Chicken breast in a fry pan on the stove

Now we can start cooking the chicken. Add a bit of oil to a pan over medium heat, then add the chicken. We don't want to crowd the pan, so cook the chicken in batches if necessary.

Two bowls of shredded cheese

While we wait for the chicken to cook, we can shred the cheese. Cheddar is always good, but I also decided to try some pepperjack.

Chicken breast cooking in a pan on a stove

After a few minutes, we can flip the chicken.

Chicken breast browned in a pan on a stove

Remember that browning means flavor. Try not to flip the chicken over prematurely.

Chicken breast with a thermometer sticking out

The chicken is done when its internal temperature reaches 165°. Once done, remove it from heat to a plate to cool down a bit.

Cooked chicken breast on a cutting board

Once the chicken is cooled, you can cut it into cubes.

Cooked chicken breast cubed on a cutting board

Some of these pieces aren't cooked through, especially those near the bottom of the picture. I had to toss them back into the pan for a bit.

Ingredients for wraps ready for wrapping

Now we've got everything ready and we can build our wrap.

Chicken on a tortilla

Start with a little bit of chicken.

Cabbage and chicken on a tortilla

Then add a handful of cabbage.

Cheese and cabbage and chicken on a tortilla

This one has cheddar cheese.

Dressing, cheese, cabbage, and chicken on a tortilla

And finally, some Ranch dressing.

Closed wrap on a plate

Close the wrap by folding up the bottom, then the sides, then rolling the bottom over the top.

Another wrap with dressing, cheese, cabbage, and chicken

Feel free to mix it up. This one's made with pepperjack cheese and Italian dressing (non-fat, for health purposes).