Apple Crisp


A recent trip to Lyon, France has destroyed any sense of a routine in which to cook, so I've been playing with sandwiches and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Trouble is these things go bad a bit faster than I can get through them, so I've been looking at a variety of ways to use them.

Which brought me to this Apple Crisp recipe from SeriousEats. I made some very small adjustments for the ingredients I had on-hand, and produced my own Apple Crisp. It takes about 20 minutes of work, and 45 in the oven, and is a great way to use up a bunch of extra apples.

Next time I'm definitely going to add the lemon zest, and perhaps add the lemon juice to the apples to prevent that bit of browning they get (citrus juices prevent oxidation). And I'm going to try adding the pecans, which are good to have around the pantry anyway, and should give a good bit of contrasting texture.

Read my adapted recipe for Apple Crisp here

apple crisp in a bowl with ice