Poached Eggs


The last time I tried poaching an egg, it went horribly. They got poached, technically, but the water was milky white with strands of egg white, like an egg drop soup. The resulting poached egg was ugly and disappointing.

This was 4 years ago, so in anticipation of making some Croque Madame sandwiches tomorrow, I decided to try poaching a couple eggs for breakfast today. So I looked up some resources (like this BBC video on egg poaching and this Kitchn article on egg poaching) and decided to give it another go. Here's the result, with some Lawry's salt and black pepper:

Poached eggs on toast on a plate

Adding a splash of vinegar to the water really seemed to help. Proper temperature control seems key: The more violently the water is boiling, the most wispy and less cohesive the poached egg. Both articles I read recommended poaching for 4 minutes, which resulted in a yolk that barely ran. I might go for 15-30 seconds less next time, I like my yolks a bit more runny. I did not "spin" the water to make a whirlpool: That's what, I think, caused all my problems last time.

Altogether, I'm glad this worked: I love eggs, and learn yet another way to cook them is fun!