Muffin Mania


It started with banana bread. I have been craving banana bread all week. I would have to buy too many bananas for only one bread, so I thought, I might as well make two and take some in to work. After checking my recipe, I decided against it: A single banana bread takes 60 minutes to bake. Since I only have (currently) one loaf pan, two loaves of banana breads would be two hours. Three loaves, the bare minimum needed to serve the 36 people in my section of the building, would be three hours.

But, any quick bread (non-yeast bread) can be made into muffins. So, after checking a few recipes, I had a plan to make enough muffins for everybody. I had never made lemon poppy seed muffins before, so that was going to be one batch. Of course, I would make some banana muffins, and finally, I remembered some berries were on sale at the grocery store, so I would also make some berry muffins (it ended up being strawberries).

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The Mac and Cheese Experiment - 1 - Classic Mac


A few weeks ago, I had a craving for mac and cheese. But, with this blog, I needed to make it interesting. So, I decided to determine how to make the best mac and cheese.

Mac and Cheese is one of my favorite things. Cheesy-salty, gooey-delicious. I'm not sure whether it's objectively good or if the flavor so ingrained in my psyche that I am simply one with the mac. It completes me.

This week's entry in this experiment is the classic, powdered cheese mac and cheese.

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Beef and Bean Burritos


Tortillas are my favorite bread product, beating out pita, naan, biscuits, and classic loaves. They are simple and versatile, can be served as any course (including dessert), and the best part is, they come in sizes big enough for a meal.

There is only one rule for a tortilla: Bigger is Better!

What's important is what goes in. Quick-service restaurants like Chipotle and Q'Doba have turned burritos into a deli-style experience, letting you mix and match flavor combinations forever.

The individual components made here can be substituted with other things, allowing you to customize your burrito experience.

Just remember the one rule: Bigger is better!

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