Cheap and lean, chicken is an excellent source of protein.

Southwest Chicken Mac and Cheese


Okay, just stick with me on this one.

In my late teens and early twenties, a lot of the food I ate came from cans and boxes, as I imagine most 20-somethings working shitty manufacturing jobs that paid enough to eat better than ramen noodle soup (those poor, lazy college kids). When I remembered, I'd pick up bags of frozen veggies, because I needed to offset the unhealthy with something resembling actual food. This healthy food I would, of course, offset with the cheapest macaroni and cheese I could find (no high-class Kraft Dinner for us, no sir).

As I imagine most of us have done at one time or another (I'm talking to you, KFC Famous Bowl), one day I got the fantastic idea to combine them, and my own personal Bachelor Chow (Now With Flavor) was born: Canned tuna, broccoli normandy, and macaroni and cheese.

This is not that recipe, but it belongs to the same dumb kid, 15 years later.

This recipe calls for a can, yes, of chicken. If you're not feeling that adventurous, or that lazy, you can boil and shred or pan-fry some chicken breast. The pan-fry method will probably result in the most flavor, especially when you get some nice browning.

Southwest Chicken Mac and Cheese

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Buffalo Chicken Bowls


When I started this blog, my refrigerator was practically empty. Now, I've got half-used bottles of dozens of condiments, all waiting for their return to the limelight. Today's recipe, Buffalo Chicken Bowls from Pretty Providence, brought back the buffalo hot sauce (leftover from an interesting pasta concoction that didn't see the publish button), and hot sauce's natural frenemy: Ranch dressing.

This recipe was a piece of cake with a slow cooker. The magic formula for slow-cooking chicken seems to be:

  • 2-3 pounds chicken
  • 1-2 cups flavorful liquid
  • 2-4 cups vegetables (beans, corn, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery)

(for other instances of this formula, see Taco Chicken Bowls and Indian Spiced Stew)

The ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Bowls, and a crock

I left out a few ingredients from the recipe, leaving only:

  • Chicken
  • Buffalo sauce
  • Black beans
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Ranch dressing

In short, this was the Taco Chicken Bowls recipe with buffalo sauce instead of salsa, and no need for the spice blend.

Like the Taco Chicken Bowls, this goes great in a bowl with some rice, a bit of ranch dressing and cheddar cheese, or wrap the lot in a burrito skin, which is like a tube-shaped bowl you can eat!

The finished recipe served in a bowl over rice with cheese on

Poulet au Vin Blanc


Fancy-speak for "chicken with white wine", this recipe is amazing, easy, and delicious. If you've got chicken, white wine, an onion, some garlic, and some mushrooms, you can toss this together in a little more than an hour.

The site I got this from calls it Coq au Chardonnay, but since it's not coq but hen (rooster isn't widely-available in supermarkets), and it wasn't Chardonnay but cheap white wine, I can't very well keep calling it that.

Since the chicken takes 40 minutes to cook, I had time to make a mushroom barley risotto. I had some dried porcini mushrooms laying around, so I rehydrated those and saved the flavorful liquid that resulted. I combined the mushroom liquid with some beef stock and some thyme, made a risotto, and then added some good parmesan cheese I had laying around. The result was better than I had expected.

As with so many good recipes, the biggest problem is that it's gone too soon...

Chicken with creamy white wine sauce and mushrooms with barley
mushroom risotto

Indian Spiced Stew


I keep promising co-workers that I'll try more Indian food. I enjoy it immensely every time I have it. And yet, it's a rare night that I will actually make something Indian, though I have started keeping my pantry stocked with the right ingredients.

This Indian Spiced Stew with Chicken and Potatoes is easy to make. It only needs a quick sear on the chicken and then 4 hours in the slow cooker. It can be served as-is, or over rice. Do not forget to add the yogurt! It's mildly spicy and fragrant, and I will enjoy trying this again.

Indian spiced stew with chicken and potatoes with yogurt on

Jamaican Jerk Chicken


A few months back I bought a 12 pound bag of chicken drumsticks, so I've had lots of chicken recipes on my mind. When I came across this Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks recipe, I had to give it a try: I wanted something spicy/sweet, and this certainly does that.

I couldn't find Scotch Bonnet peppers, so I used Habanero peppers instead. Pro tip: Use gloves. I barely touched the peppers, and my fingers were on fire for hours afterward. I was thankfully lucky enough to not touch any sensitive parts...

The recipe also includes rice and beans, but I decided to use up my potatoes and make garlic mashed (with some cheese, because why not). Side note: Life is too short to eat mild cheddar... Maybe one could find use for it as part of a cheese tray with crackers. But, mild cheddar in any other purpose else is easily overpowered.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and