Banana Bread


Banana bread is my favorite thing to do with bananas. Growing up, we frequently had bananas laying around. If I just waited patiently, they'd get overripe, and we'd make banana bread. Moist, rich banana bread, warmed and buttered, makes a wonderful quick breakfast.

So, I bought some bananas last weekend, and tried to make muffins. It didn't turn out so well, but I did have some bananas left over that were quickly ripening, so I decided, why not, let's make some banana bread!

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Beef and Bean Burritos


Tortillas are my favorite bread product, beating out pita, naan, biscuits, and classic loaves. They are simple and versatile, can be served as any course (including dessert), and the best part is, they come in sizes big enough for a meal.

There is only one rule for a tortilla: Bigger is Better!

What's important is what goes in. Quick-service restaurants like Chipotle and Q'Doba have turned burritos into a deli-style experience, letting you mix and match flavor combinations forever.

The individual components made here can be substituted with other things, allowing you to customize your burrito experience.

Just remember the one rule: Bigger is better!

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