My favorite protein. Unique flavor, but, unfortunately for me, rather expensive where I live, so I only treat myself rarely.

Shrimp Etouffee


Shrimp is my favorite seafood. My favorite meat, even. If it weren't always so damned expensive where I live, I'd eat shrimp all the time.

This recipe for Shrip Etouffee, a spicy Cajun shrimp dish, is easy and delicious. I made my own shrimp stock (included in the recipe), so it took a little longer, but even that was pretty easy. I wonder if what I consider easy has changed over the course of this blog...

I didn't have any Cajun seasoning, but I did have some Chipotle seasoning, which lended a nice, smokey flavor. Altogether, the spices and hot sauce made for a good kick and great flavor.

Shrimp Etouffee over rice in a bowl

Shrimp and Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce


Standing in stark contrast to the last pasta dish I made, there's this one. The blog I got this from, The Pioneer Woman, calls it Penne a la Betsy. In my mundane way, I'm calling it Shrimp and Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce.

This wonderful, rich, creamy dish comes together quickly and, except for the shrimp, I had everything I needed: A small can of tomato sauce from the Indian-spiced Stew a few weeks ago, some pasta I collected (bow ties are cool), and some cream. I've started keeping the ultra-pasteurized cream in my fridge for emergency scone baking and sauces. It keeps for a month, and it's extremely useful.

I didn't have any white wine left (thank the chicken for that one), so I just used a bit of water. This turned out a bit thin, so I let it simmer to thicken it back up. A bit of chicken stock would help fill in some flavor gaps, I suspect, if you don't have wine. Personally, I filled those gaps with some parmesan and red pepper.

All in all, this one was very good. I gorged myself stupid, have plenty of leftovers, and now, fat and happy, I'm telling you about it.

PS: The leftovers went well mixing the peas right in there.

Shrimp and Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce and some peas

Tuna Lemon and Herb Pasta


I love the versatility of pasta. With just a few pantry ingredients, you can make a delicious meal. But not always, like this Tuna Lemon and Dill recipe from Olive Magazine.

I made some modifications due to the nature of US grocery stores and Imperial units, and my appalling lack of fresh dill, and the result was interesting, for a little while. I couldn't bring myself to finish it all, though.

If I had a rating system based on how many days of leftovers I could tolerate, this recipe would get a 2/5. Other people might find it appetizing, but this is definitely not my style of food.

Tuna lemon and herb pasta recipe