Chili Peppers, Sriracha, Indian, Mexican, and Thai! Give me anything with some heat!

Chili Mac


It's not all epic concoctions here. Sometimes, I'm in the mood for something bad for me. But, even the bad food has good things to know.

Mac and Cheese was a special occasion growing up. I don't know if they put crack in it, but there is something about the classic blue box that tastes nostalgically better than all other Mac and Cheese.

But, eating just a box (or two) of Mac and Cheese just isn't enough adulting for my taste. So, tonight, I spiced it up a bit with some spicy beef.

A good spice blend can be applied to a lot of things. So it is with this one, which works well in Chili Mac, tacos, burritos, and goes well with chicken or beef.

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